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 Maine Central Railroad Right of Way and Track Maps

The Society’s collection of Maine Central right of way and track maps was donated in February 1989 by Matt Rines and scanned by volunteer Peter Violette. The maps are dated June 30, 1916; operating divisions cited are as they were at that time.


Schedule of Valuation Sections, June 30, 1916

Index map of Valuation Sections Map, June 30, 1916

Valuation Section 1. Portland Division Main Line. Portland/Falmouth town line to Augusta. Formerly Kennebec & Portland RR.

V1-1 Portland and Falmouth

V1-2 Falmouth (West Falmouth depot)

V1-3 Falmouth

V1-4 Falmouth and Cumberland 4MP

V1-5 Cumberland (Cumberland Ctr. depot) 4MP

V1-6 Cumberland

V1-7 Cumberland and Yarmouth (Yarmouth Jct.)

V1-8 Yarmouth

V1-9 Yarmouth (Yarmouth Jct. GTR)

V1-10 Yarmouth

V1-11 Yarmouth and Freeport

V1-12 Freeport

V1-13 Freeport

V1-14 Freeport

V1-15 Freeport depot

V1-16 Freeport

V1-17 Freeport

V1-18 Freeport and Brunswick

V1-19 Brunswick

V1-20 Brunswick

V1-21 Brunswick

V1-22 Brunswick

V1-23 Brunswick depot

V1-24 Brunswick and Topsham

V1-25 Topsham

V1-26 Topsham

V1-27 Topsham (Cathance depot)

V1-28 Topsham

V1-29 Topsham and Bowdoinham

V1-30 Bowdoinham

V1-31 Bowdoinham depot

V1-32 Bowdoinham

V1-33 Bowdoinham

V1-34 Bowdoinham (Harward’s)

V1-35 Bowdoinham

V1-36 Bowdoinham

V1-37 Bowdoinham

V1-38 Bowdoinham and Richmond

V1-39 Richmond depot

V1-40 Richmond

V1-41 Richmond (Iceboro depot)

V1-42 Richmond (Dresden depot)

V1-43 Richmond

V1-44 Richmond and Gardiner

V1-45 Gardiner

V1-46 Gardiner (South Gardiner depot)