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Maine Central Railroad

The Maine Central Railroad has had a close relationship with the Boston and Maine Railroad throughout its history. The Eastern Railroad gained control of Maine Central in 1871. B&M leased ERR in 1884 and thereby controlled MEC. When, in 1907, New Haven gained control of the B&M, MEC also came into the New Haven sphere. In 1914 a group of investors purchased a controlling interest in MEC from B&M and independence was re-established. This notwithstanding, from 1933 to 1955 the two railroads entered into an agreement to be operated as separate railroads under a common management and shared many general officers. In the Guilford/PanAm era the two roads have been operated as a single system.

Most of the MEC materials that we present in our On-Line Archives were submitted and scanned by Archives Committee member David Ashenden.

Maine Central Employees Magazine

We are grateful to Dick Glueck of the New England Steam Corporation for providing many issues of the MEC Employee Magazine for scanning and for giving us permission to make scans available on our website. Many hours of scanning time were contributed by Archives Committee member David Ashenden. His project of scanning and indexing the magazine is ongoing.

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