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The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society is composed of people who share a common interest in the history and operations of the Boston and Maine Railroad and other related railroads.  READ MORE

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Hardware Collection

Generous members and friends have donated hardware items to the Society since our earliest days. Our Hardware Committee has charge of the storage, preservation, and identification of hardware items. We consider any physical object that is not on paper to be “hardware.” Recently, volunteers have created a catalog of hardware items which you can see here [LINK to Hardware>Hardware Catalog].

Our resources do not permit us to make our collection available to the public but a selection of hardware items is on display in the “combine” on Dutton Street, Lowell and you may view an on-line gallery of hardware items. 

We welcome volunteers to help manage our hardware collection. If you have hardware items to donate please contact our Hardware Committee Chairman. 

View hardware items

View some of the items from our collection. All items  shown are the property of the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society.