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The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society is composed of people who share a common interest in the history and operations of the Boston and Maine Railroad and other related railroads.  READ MORE

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  The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society will meet on Nov. 10, 2018 at Rogers Hall, Rogers St. in Lowell, Ma. Note starting time of 3:00PM.  The program will be by Henry Marrec, well traveled digital photographer of North American railroading.  Henry presents 21st Century scenes at notable eastern locations: Harpers Ferry, Strasburg, Horshoe Curve and Seashore Trolley Museum. He concludes with trains from the American West: BNSF and Amtrak in Montana, including Glacier National Park, ending with brief cab rides in ex. ATSF EMD and G.E. diesels. His DVDs are in color with sound. Program may run beyond the scheduled 4:30PM ending.                                                                                                 B&M logo hats, shirts and outer wear will be on sale along with rail oriented books and DVDs. Always free parking across the street. Meeting starts at 3:00PM.